Amazon’s Create Space

At our latest Write Nite meeting, we discussed Amazon’s CreateSpace, and how authors can use it to self-publish their works. CreateSpace is a great tool to writers in that it does a lot of the hard work for you. You can create a cover for free. They provide you with a formatted manuscript that you can just cut and paste your work into. They guide you through every step of the way in the bookmaking process, even setting up your royalties to be directly deposited into your account. Come tax time, they send you all the documentation you need to report to the IRS.

Because Amazon handles all of the hard stuff, many authors are using it to their advantage. Selling your book through Amazon’s CreateSpace may be an uphill climb if you’re wanting to make a ton of money and be famous, but for many, it is a great place to start, and a way for works to get published that may not be otherwise.

Amazon also gives you the option to connect the print and ebook versions of your book together on the Amazon page. You can also edit your own author page that customers see when they look through your work on Amazon.

CreateSpace truly is one stop shopping when it comes to self-publishing. Word is, you can even print hardcover versions of your book, but will have to contact Amazon for specifics. If you’re interested in publishing your work through CreateSpace, check out some of these helpful links:

CreateSpace Login:


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Login:


CreateSpace Book Cover Template:


Amazon Author Central Page:


Quick Step-by-Step Guide:


Create Space How-To Video:


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